Viral or not viral, that is the question.

Let me tell you what all viral videos have in common so that you can design your own“.


I love these things, however I’m skeptical when it comes to formulaic (produced in accordance with a mechanically followed rule) approaches to the creative process. They often make very much sense in hindsight, AFTER you’ve innovated, but are of little use to point the way forward, spur your imagination and make you get ideas. Maybe Einstein was right when he said “Innovation is not the product of logical thought, even though the final product is tied to a logical structure” 🙂


2 thoughts on “Viral or not viral, that is the question.

  1. Hi — thanks for the thoughts on my post. Yes, I’m not much about a “follow this formula” methodology, but I do have to say that every single time I’ve applied these six markers to campaigns of our clients, they really HAVE increased reach significantly. Will it guarantee to make everything “Go viral”? Not at all, but i am certain you’ll get a solid boost. 🙂

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