The vacuum left behind by Steve Jobs is getting more and more painfully obvious every day, here even witnessed among Apple’s competitors. Have you ever seen anything that makes you cringe more than this presentation + video by Samsung? Talk about being “off brand”, if they ever had one. Zero consistency equals zero culture.



Regarding my previous post where comedian Bill Hicks talks about insulting the intelligence of an audience by being inauthentic (referring to it being condescending : ), I found this “condescending corporate brand page” on Facebook as an example of some of the less awesome things companies do to their Facebook pages and in their digital communication strategies these days. What I find interesting about the obvious inauthenticity and insincerity some brands show, is that we not only find these qualities repellant in individuals, but also in groups of people that constitute “brands”. It’s almost like the psychological makeup of an entire group working for a brand (or at least runs it) would qualify as that of a single seriously disagreeable person.

I get vertigo just considering the implications for communication strategies. “Be yourself” is a good place to start I guess.