“Full cheetah” with Seth Godin at #IMW13

Seth Godin

Relating to the inflation of the word “Creativity” and the multitude of “things-a-cheetah-should-think-about-while-running” – type of advice when it comes to being creative:

One of my favourite moments of the night was Seth explaining a Japanese concept (for which there isn’t an English equivalent) that something could be so perfect it is ‘as if made by God’. He showed us a video of a cheetah running and asked us if we thought the cheetah was worrying about what it looks like, or the way it moved when it ran? The answer was, of course, no. It runs intuitively and with passion. As Seth said, “It runs like a god would run”. In order to let go of your fears of risk and embrace the opportunity to innovate and make ‘art’ you need to ‘go full cheetah’”


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