[In digital branding] see the people of the world as your marketing department working for your brand, for free, but on one condition; that they will not do what you tell them, but only do what they feel like, when they feel like it.”

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I won’t do as you tell me.




You say it best..


I saw this fantastically hilarious article at the Onion the other day:

Man Who Cried Himself To Sleep Last Night Has Some Great Ideas For Growing Company’s Brand

” ‘If we can utilize Twitter and Facebook to integrate our brand with other established players, we stand to boost our profile in all the key demographics,said the 33-year-old Brooks, who last night lay in bed staring at the ceiling, tears dripping down his face as he realized the thing he puts so much effort into is so vacuous and void of meaning that his younger self would be disgusted by his pursuit of an occupation that ultimately doesn’t need to exist.”

HA HA, wonderful. Does digital marketing need to exist?