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The master of ceremonies.

Some of the most creative and persuasive people in the world are at the same time enormously credulous. To believe in something for which there is yet no evidence, you need to be. Much like artists they live and believe a lie to be able to communicate it as a truth yet to manifest. As in the example of Steve Jobs, there was no evidence that the vision of the Iphone turn out to be such a success, but how else would you convince thousands (if not millions) of people that it would be? By a dormant, and yet unarticulated gut-feeling of the multitude brought forth and convincingly articulated by one individual.


The vacuum left behind by Steve Jobs is getting more and more painfully obvious every day, here even witnessed among Apple’s competitors. Have you ever seen anything that makes you cringe more than this presentation + video by Samsung? Talk about being “off brand”, if they ever had one. Zero consistency equals zero culture.